I want to make a website. Where do I start from?

I want to make a website. Where do I start from?

I want to make a website. Where do I start from?

You have an idea for a site and you want to put it into practice. Where did you start? If you are in the first project of this kind, you need to know that there are some simple steps that can make the site a good start.

Choose a good domain

It is very important to rely on a good web site to get you into search engines (for example, be short, memorable, contain the relevant keywords for your site). If the domain you need is not available, you can try to purchase it from specialized sites (the Domain Scholarship is an excellent resource) or you can use a web-based broker to negotiate the best conditions for you buy the domain of their current owner.

Find the right hosting service

It is important to choose a professional web hosting service so that your site's long-term results will be influenced by its quality. Here are some criteria that will help you make the best choice of the company and hosting package that suits your needs: service pack price, site management mode, bandwidth limitations, server counts, data security.

The services offered by the chosen hosting company can influence the site's essential parameters such as uptime or site loading time. And as the offer of hosting services on the market is great, it is good to turn to verified sources.

Find the best web design solutions

Surely you have already made a picture of how you would like your site to look. But before going to work, it's good to get a job. If you are not a specialist, the most appropriate solution is to get help from a web design company or a freelancer. What do you have to look for when you decide to use professional services? First check the experience they have in the field and identify in their portfolios similar projects to the site you want to do. Where possible, it's useful to ask for references. Make sure you have the budget required to develop that site and ask for information about the time it takes to make it. Your design vision may not coincide with that of web designers. It is good to be open and to evaluate new ideas that can improve your initial project.

Monitor the site

The site's results should be monitored from scratch to track the evolution and evaluate actions to improve the results. The number of unique visitors, traffic sources, bounce rates, or the number of impressions are a few basic indicators.

Web analytics can provide you with the tools to track user behavior and how they interact with site pages. Real-time statistics give you the ability to intervene more quickly on the content for the purposes you pursue, or to correct any errors.

Identify opportunities for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps search engines to find and better position sites in search results and is categorized in: on-page optimization and off-page optimization. Optimization on page refers to optimizing all aspects of the site's content (keywords, tags, meta description, headings) so that it is properly indexed by search engines. Off-site optimization consists of building a solid network of links for the site.

In case you do not have experience, it is advisable to use some resources that can help you get the desired results easier. First of all, make sure to provide visitors with quality content by calling on the services of an experienced copywriter. And SEO specialists can recommend the best link building solutions and can help you optimize your website right from the start. If you are not yet resolved, you can use a special request-offer service, where you can request offers from several SEO firms, from which you can then choose the most convenient for you.

Promote your website online

The effects you get through SEO are seen over time. The more an old site, the better the chances of a better positioning in search engines grow. However, the increase in traffic can be done by other methods. One of the most used is online promotion through online advertising networks or via social networks and blogs: contextual advertising in PPC system, banner advertising in CPM system, sponsored links on search engine results pages, generation of leads, Facebook campaigns, Twitter, or blogs.

It is important to invest as effectively as possible the budget that you decide to allocate to this type of site promotion. You can call on specialists to promote sites that have experience in such campaigns and can offer you the best solutions for your site.

So if you have a good idea to develop a site, do not hesitate to implement it. And for your project to be successful from scratch, document yourself before going to work and call for help from specialists where you think it is needed.