How important is a good hosting for SEO

How important is a good hosting for SEO

How important is a good hosting for SEO

A good hosting can help significantly with the search engines, especially with Google.

1. Does Google know where you get your hosting from?

The answer is yes, according to your IP.

A hosting purchased from a server in Switzerland is much more beneficial for because the response is very quick. It is ideal to get your hosting with IP from the country you want to attract visitors from. Even if a hosting from a different country is cheaper, the IP and response time are very important and this can make a big difference on SEO level. In conclusion, the location is very important and must be taken into consideration.

2. Does the hosting influence the security of the website?

The answer is YES. So many cyber attacks are done online that, no matter how small is your website, you can be quickly affected. Most attack do not target you, especially if you have a smaller website or blog. Through your website, hackers want to reach bigger websites. A good hosting can protect you from this kind of attacks because server owners invest in protecting their hosting servers and take all measures to prevent these hackers from reaching their servers. Even if the attack is being successful, the hosting will have a back up of your website and things will get back to normal once you contact the support staff.

3. Does SSL certificate influence the increase of traffic on

Switching from http to https provides customers with the certainty that it is a secured website, which can lead to an increase of 10-15% of traffic in the first few days, as we noticed in our previous experience with other websites in our portfolio.

4. Does loading speed influence the SEO?

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. Loading speed influences both SEO and user experience, and even the sales. There are clear statistics according to which loading speed can influence a website's conversion rate. The lower the loading time, the higher the number of conversions. As for the SEO, Google announced in numerous cases that it makes a clean break between the fast loading sites and the slow loading sites. 2 to 3 seconds is the Google accepted speed; an important factor that influences the speed of the website is the hosting provider that you choose.

You can even perform a speed test HERE (Google Instrument - PageSpeed Insights) These are 4 major aspects through which a good hosting can influence the search engine optimization and we hope you realise the importance of choosing the right hosting for your website.

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